The Bride!

Jamie and I met in a philosophy class during summer quarter at the UW.  After hanging out with a study group, we started doing stuff together.  She soon became my Greenlake walking buddy and best friend to gossip with or vent to.   Jamie's the only girl who would listen to me go on for hours about Chad and how in love I was (and not puke!!).  I was sad when she moved to Texas, but hopefully she'll be moving back I still have the chair!!  I'm so glad to have you as my maid of honor, Jamie.  Thanks for all of your help and I can't wait until you get here!

Ive known Christy longer than anyone... since the 4th grade!  She and I have been through everything together.   Her mom will never let us forget sneaking out to play Truth or Dare with some boys!!  Weve remained friends over the years, despite our distance.  But after the wedding, we'll be really close (she lives in Puyallup)!  Christy snatched up a husband last summer and I'm thankful she found someone so perfect for her (even if your first kiss was on your wedding day!!!).  I've never met anyone more patient or dedicated than you.  I love you Chris!  

Starlet was the reason Chad and I are together!  She invited me to the party where I met him and I forced her to swing dance with Chad because I was too shy!   Thanks Starlet!!  She's not only an amazing musician, but she's an even more amazing artist -- trust me, I've seen her work!!  Starlet's the one who drags me out of my house to go dancing (even if its at DV8!!) or helps me stuff my face with pizza.  She's hanging out in NY this summer to be a counselor at an art camp, but I forced her to ask for a weekend off!  

Megan and I have worked together at Linens n Things for what seems like forever!  When we both worked weekdays, we hung out all the time (after we finally got the nerve to talk to each other!).  She introduced me to the wonderful world of karaoke bars (every Thursday night!).  Megan is the best listener, even when I babble about my whole life story!!  Even though our lives get busy, we somehow always make time to catch up.  She has a baby now named Ethan and he's such a cutie.  : )

Amanda was the best bedding manager at Linens n' Things that I had (Fatty!!).   We've stayed friends since, always celebrating Christmas (with Mab Libs and inflatable sheep!) and our birthdays together.   Andie is the most amazing decorator and crafter.  Please come help me with my first house!!  Andie and her husband John always make me laugh and that's why I love them!  Oh, and their pug is pretty cute too, especially when he's dressed up in a little Elvis outfit.  : )