The Groom!

Alex Dunn
Alex has been one of my best friends throughout College and afterward. In fact, out of all the people I've known through College, I've kept in touch with Alex more than anyone else. We've done some really fun things together and he even managed to put up living with me for 2 years!!! Lets hope Heather can beat him out. Heh heh, just kidding. Anyway, thanks again Alex. I'm honored to have you as my best man.

I really started to get to know Gabe during a Systems and Analysis and Design class. He did a phenomenal job of making me feel like I had a social life. Ha! (Not that I didn't have on before... um... yeah, right.) Gabe and I graduated with similar degrees and we both love skiing. I managed to finally add some comments about Gabe, so I'm pretty thrilled that I'm finished with this page. See you in July Gabe!

Alex Stoker
Alex has been an inspiration to me ever since he was little. (And I guess I was little too.) I actually shared a room with him soon after he was born, but not for long. *whew* I enjoy ALL of the time that I'm able to spend with Alex. I love listening to him talk about what's happening in his life and how crazy high-school is. (Wasn't that long ago for me.) Thanks for always being there Bro.

I first met Phil in McCarty hall on UW Campus. We both lived in the same dorm and on the same floor. Actually, Phil threw more parties than anyone else on the floor, as I recall. (I'm counting the coffee drinking ones too.) I never drink coffee, but I'm pretty sure Alex Dunn (best man) was part of those scenes. I later managed to hang out with Phil and Alex on a regular basis. I found out that Phil was pretty philosophical. (Especially after drinking a few.) I love Phil's genuine honesty and introspection. I can't wait to see him at my bachelor party!

Jim is the funniest guy I've ever met! (And I've met some pretty funny guys.) I first met Jim, I'm pretty sure, during a Husky Marching Band away game. He, Amber Boone, Lisa, and I would often go places together to talk trash about anything and everything. I've done more crazy stuff with Jim than anybody else. He's probably corrupted me more than anyone. Sadly, he lives far away in the Tri-cities. I managed to get out to see him a while back, but I haven't been back there since. Hope to go bar hopping soon Jim, maybe scaled down a little from last time?? Maybe not.