Heather is finishing up her BA in Music Education at the UW. Currently she's student teaching and will graduate at the end of March. After seeing Chad graduate before her, she's ready!! Besides school, she's still working at Linens n' Things on the weekends and is busy making invitations and driving Chad crazy with wedding plans!

Chad graduated in June 2002 with a BA in Business/Information Systems from the UW. After looking for work in Seattle, he decided to move back home to Olympia, where he got a job with the Department of Licensing. He's been working hard and learning as fast as he can, moving up quickly in the system. Besides working for DOL in the office and at home, he's been busy making websites for other companies, including this one!

How we met: June 22, 2001

My friend Starlet invited me to a party at a house in Greenlake. Chad was there with his roommate Alex. Chad and I both spotted each other from across the room, but after discovering Chad was a cheerleader for UW, I figured I didn't stand a chance! He thought I was just another sorority snob. After talking to each other the whole night, however, we realized how much we had in common. We both loved music, especially the piano. He loved the fact that I'm a music education major and I loved it that he's a computer programmer! At the end of the night, he asked for my e-mail address (how cute). Chad e-mailed me that night (at 2:30am) and we had our first date on Monday! He took me to Baskin Robbins (where we found out our favorite ice cream is "Daiquiri Ice") and walked along Alki Beach. He did a back tuck for me and I spilled ice cream on my shirt! He walked me back to my class and gave me a big hug. We spent every day together after that (until he moved to Olympia!).

The proposal: November 29, 2002

We planned a trip around the Olympic Peninsula, including Lake Quinault and the beaches on the coast. When I told Chad my friends were asking if he had proposed yet, he said, "Speaking of that, we need to get away." I thought something might be up, but he kept telling me he was still saving money for a ring and couldn't afford it yet. We went to the lake first and walked around. Our next stop was Kalaloch Beach. It was so bright and sunny... and warm! I was babbling about something stupid (he later told me he was waiting for me to shut up) and he finally stopped and looked at me. My stomach dropped. Chad said something about wanting us to live together next year (I can't even remember exactly) and how it was so sunny and beautiful on the beach. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. He opened it and showed me a beautiful diamond solitaire. The sun was shining right on the diamond and I was entranced. Then I realized Chad was getting on his knee, in the sand! He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!!